Things to do in Sao Paulo

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Art is the essence of São Paulo, as it is impossible to disassociate one from the other.  The São Paulo State capital has 88 museums, which bears witness to its status as a world art capital. 

It is home to unique masterpieces produced by great maestros of painting, sculpture, photography and all the visual arts and trends imaginable. 

Some highlights are the Modern Art Museum (MAM), designed by the famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the State Pinacoteca Museum located in a building designed by Ramos de Azevedo, the Ipiranga Museum, the Sacred Art Museum, the Lasar Segall Museum, the Maria Luiza and Oscar Americano Foundation, the Image and Sound Museum - MIS and São Paulo’s picture postcard, MASP.

São Paulo also hosts numerous music, dance and theater performances, not to mention the International Arts Biennial and film festivals.

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