Museums in Sao Paulo

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Tourists visiting Sao Paulo museums often rate these among the most interesting and frequently visited of all museums in South America. As a visitor to museums in South America, you will find them to be among the more fascinating of of all those in Brazil, particularly if you are interested in people, art and animals from Sao Paulo's history. Here are 3 of Sao Paulo's more frequently visited and popular museums.

Museo do Iparanga

Those interested Sao Paulo history will find in this museum a variety of costumes, paintings and furniture, all originating from some time in the city's history. Outside the century-old building that houses the museum, you'll find beautiful flower gardens with paths that wind through them.

Memorial do Imagrante

Here you will find a presentation of the diversity of Sao Paulo. At one time, a part of this 19th century building was included in a large complex, the Hospedaria de Imigrantes (Immigrant Lodging House). Inside it at that time, you would have found as many as 10,000 immigrant workers. Now you'll find photos, documents and other historic items dating back through the history of Sao Paulo.

Instituto Tomie Ohtake

At the Instituto Tomie Ohtake you will find art created by local Sao Paulo artists. The location housing these art works is considered by tourists and artists alike as one of the more impressive and colorful of historic buildings in this city. In addition to art which is in large part created by contemporary artists, you will find numerous rooms and spaces created to exhibit the works, an auditorium, a theatre and a restaurant.

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