Getting There in Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo is one of the biggest, most populated and most visited cities in Brazil and is, therefore, quite easy to get there.

Getting There by Car

If you're starting or continuing your trip around Brazil from one of these neighboring countries (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay or Bolivia), it is possible to to drive to Brazil. However, only drive to Sao Paulo if you have plenty of time for your vacation because the driving distances in Brazil are very great. For example, the driving distance between Brazil's party meca, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo is about 429 kilometers (around 266 miles). If you just have a couple days to visit Brazil, it is better just to get to Sao Paulo (and your other destinations in Brazil) by plane.

Getting There by Plane

Flying to Brazil is very easy because a couple dozen international airlines fly there on a daily basis. If you're booking your initial flight from South America or Florida, then you should check the specials of Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines. If you speak Spanish, then also take a look at Copa Airlines because they provide great discounts to citizens of Central and South American nations. The IATA airport code for Sao Paulo is SAO.

Sao Paulo is the main hub for most international airline companies so you will find that flying to Sao Paulo is usually cheaper than flying to other Brazilian destinations. If you're flying from within Brazil, you can save substantially by booking flights from local airlines such as Azul, NHT Linhas Areas, TAM, among others.

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