Budget Travel Ideas in Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo may be a cosmopolitan city, but that doesn't mean that travelers can't find budget travel opportunities here. With a large tourism industry, there are deals for all kinds of travelers. If you are on a tight budget, here are some suggestions and tips for traveling to Sao Paulo. 

Budget Accommodations in Sao Paulo

There are a wide array of budget hotels to select from in Sao Paulo that will suit the needs of any traveler on a tight budget. Though many of these facilities lack the amenities of their more expensive counterparts, these hotels are generally safe and provide necessary comforts.

Starting at about $30, travelers can secure a room at any number of budget hotels in the area. Most of these hotels will be slightly off the beaten path, which may mean more time spent traveling to your sightseeing destinations. However, their locations may also be accountable for more exploration of small neighborhoods and surrounding environs that may be otherwise overlooked.

Hotel Itamarati, Paissandu Palace Hotel and Howard Johnson Faria Lima Inn are three examples of hotels in this price range that have rave reviews and are perfect for budget seekers.

Budget Attractions in Sao Paulo

One of the least expensive activities in Sao Paulo is spending time in its numerous parks. Head over to Ibirapuera Park to hike through its expansive grounds, rent a bike, or even join an impromptu a game of basketball or soccer. The cool weather of the city makes any time a good time for outdoor exploration and sightseeing. Other parks and areas to explore include Parque Trianon and the Jardin District.

There are numerous areas of the city that can be explored on foot. Travel through different periods of the city's history and have free entertainment as you explore the many small shops and large avenues that make up this metropolitan area.

Budget Dining in Sao Paulo 

Sao Paulo is a city exploding with budget options for travelers. Enjoy everything from fresh juices to sandwiches to pastries from street side vendors and save big on one or two meals a day. There are also many natural snack bars throughout the city that serve wholemeal and vegetarian pastries and snacks.

Look for restaurants serving set meals and 'pay-by-weight' options for a great value, particularly at lunchtime. The savvy budget traveler can combine any number of these options throughout the day to save on dining expenses while vacationing in Sao Paulo.

Though a major city, Sao Paulo can be enjoyed on a budget. Set your daily budget for your trip and begin to see what your money can get you in this modern metropolis. 

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