Beaches in Sao Paulo

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With nearly 5000 miles of coastline, it is no wonder that the beaches in Brazil are a prime tourist destination! With hundreds of public beaches that offer white sand and warm water to take a dip in and an escape from the daily grind, a day at the beach is a definite way to relax. Sao Paulo is home to countless beaches that attract locals and tourists alike year round.

Praia do Encanto Beach

Also known as the fifth beach, Praia Do Encanto (Charm Beach) is known for it's pristine condition. Extreme care has been taken to preserve the natural beauty this beach has to offer and the efforts are paying off! Praia Do Encanto is the epitome of the ideal getaway. Whether you travel there for an afternoon picnic or a trip to one of the resorts located along this strip of beach, a trip to these shores is a breathtaking experience you won't want to miss.

Santos Beach

A short drive from the center of Sao Paulo, Santos Beach is fronted by some of the most beautiful beach front gardens in the world. Miles upon miles of beach front sidewalks wind through the gardens on the edge of the beach, allowing you to take in every kind of natural beauty imaginable. If adrenaline is what you are seeking, Santos Beach is home to a dune park where you can rent ATVs and drive up and down that huge sand dunes.

Morro de Sao Paulo

One of the most sought after tropical destinations in the world, Morro de Sao Paulo is exquisite. This is the kind of beach you see on calendars--sandy beaches, palm trees, turquoise waters packed with tropical fish and a tranquil setting makes this the ideal getaway. Cars are not allowed in this area so this adds to the assurance that your day with be as peaceful as it can possibly get.

Angra dos Reis, Costa Verde

Located on the coast line between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janero, Angra do Reis is another tourist location that has the feel of the classic tropical beach. Not only home to powdered sugar beaches and incredibly warm water to swim in, Angra dos Reis is a popular spot to visit and view local vegetation such as the stunning tropical trees Brazil is famous for.

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