Bars and Cafes in Sao Paulo

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Cafes and bars are the perfect way to start and end your day. What better way to spend your vacation than with a delicious cup of Brazilian coffee in the morning and a local cocktail as a night cap? Luckily, there are a number of cafes and bars throughout Sao Paulo that will ensure that you are never left thirsty at any time of the day!

Suplicy Cafe  

One of the most popular cafes in Sao Paulo, Suplicy Cafe is a hip and trendy coffee shop that has two locations in downtown Sao Paulo. Serving the local favorite, Arabica coffee, this rich and specially tailored coffee is specially designed based on customer taste. Not only serving an impressive list of coffee beverages, Suplicy is also known for it's catering services, offering a "coffee bar" for a variety of events. A cup of java at this local hangout is the perfect way to jump start your day.

Parque da Luz

Situated in the historic downtown district of Sao Paulo, Parque da Luz is a place to not only start your day, but you can easily spend an afternoon at this location. Parque da Luz incorporates a museum, a restaurant and a cafe all in one; allowing you to sip your morning coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenic gardens located at this site. Also featuring a bar, this is another great spot so relax and sip some champagne as your afternoon is winding down.

Corcoran's Irish Pub

If you are seeking a break from the typical Latin lifestyle and want a change of pace, pay a visit to Corcoran's Irish Pub. Built in 2003, Corocran's is an Irish owned bar that hosts two stories and live music four times a week. The upper level seats one hundred seventy patrons that can view the action on the main floor. The main floor features a popular stage that is the spot in Sao Paulo for karaoke.


The epitome of the classic Brazillian bar, Piraja is styled in the classic Brazillian "carioca" style. Featuring multiple outside tables to enjoy the warm evenings, Piraja is known for serving the classic Brazilian specialty, the caipirinha, this is also a perfect place to enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine. Open until the early morning hours, Piraja is the perfect spot to end an evening out on the town.

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