7 Day Itinerary in Sao Paulo

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When going on a vacation, it is always a good thing to have your itinerary planned out to ensure that you get a chance to see all the sites. Sao Paulo is an exceptionally large city and it is definitely to have your activities planned out to make sure you get to experience all this city has to offer.

Day One - City Tour

The easiest way to view all the sites in Sao Paulo is to hop on one of the many tour buses this city offers. Averaging one to three hours long, a tour of the city is a great way to start your week of vacationing. One of the most popular tours in Sao Paulo is the Historic City Tour which travels through the historic city center, allowing you to view the stunning architecture.

Day Two - A Day at the Beach

Known for it's lush, tropical beaches, you cannot visit Sao Paulo without spending a day at the beach. With so many beaches to chose from, it can be difficult to chose which spot to visit. The most popular beaches for relaxing, lounging in the sun and taking a dip in the warm water are Santos and Costa Verde.

Day Three - A Night on the Town

You cannot go to Sao Paulo without enjoying a night clubbing. After a day of sleeping in late (you'll need it) prepare for a night out on the town as Sao Paulo is known throughout the country for it's hopping nightlife. For an exciting night out dancing, check out the popular Club Sao Paulo, Club A, Paradise and the ever popular Havanna Club.

Day Four - Shopping

Being such a large a busy metropolis, you cannot visit Sao Paulo without a trip to one of the many shopping malls to stock up on souvenirs from your travels. Ponto Solidario is the best place in Sao Paulo to purchase local handicrafts while the Iguatemi mall is a extensive two story mall that full of shops, boutiques and restaurants.

Day Five - Parque de Ibirapuera

A beautifully landscaped park spreading out over nearly two thousand square meters, the Parque de Ibirapuera is a great place to spend your afternoon. Not only is it a treat to take in the lush scenery, the Parque de Ibirapuera also is home to multiple museums and the popular Planetarium. A great way to experience the culture of Sao Paulo, a trip to this park is a must.

Day Six - Liberdade (Japantown)

The equivalent of San Fransisco's Chinatown, Liberdade is an eclectic mix of Brazil and Japan. Not your typical cultural experience, an afternoon on Japantown is nonetheless an exciting way to spend an afternoon. The ideal time to visit Liberdade is on a Sunday when locals sell arts and crafts at the weekly market.

Day Seven - Agencia Canyons

A breathtaking natural wonder a short trip outside Sao Paulo are the Agencia Canyons. Over sixty stunning canyons dot this terrain in amazing formations. Known as the "Grand Canyon" of Brazil, a short hike (hikes average one to eleven miles in length depending on your activity level) to view the splendor is the perfect way to end your trip.

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