Sao Jose dos Campos Travel Guide

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São José dos Campos was one of the first settlements of the region. The city has its origin as a Jesuit community, which gave native Indians religion education. It was then called São José village. First, it had a slow growth as it was not located in the most important routes to Minas Gerais State, where gold and precious stones were found. At the end of the 19th century the first factories start to be set up.

However, the city really starts to grow in the 20th century, after Presidente Dutra Highway, CTA (Aerospace Technical Center) and ITA (Aeronautics Technological Institute) got to the city. From that point on, it has become an industrial center, with lots of schools, cultural centers, leisure areas, etc.


During the early morning in São José dos Campos, just behind where this picture was taken, is a cloud cover.  From around 5am to around 6:30am there is a cloud cover over the whole area, blanketing the area all the way to the mountains about 8km away. 

The city is full with culture and entertainment.  Beautiful views and brilliant food is also availible at such low prices.  If you are a foreigner going into the country you will find may new things to try, new foods to taste, new people to meet, countless pictures can be taken of São José dos Campos but nothing can explain the actual experience of the country.  Another thing that most people would like about the country is that everyone there treats you like you treat your neighbour, due to the strong religious (christianity) stature of the country it is a requirement. 

There is no place better to go spend your honneymoon, vacation, exploration, hiking, or any other form of relaxation than in Brazil.

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Hiking (extreme hikers): Anywhere in the Amazon (Have a tour guide, it is a really dangerous place to go)

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