Santarem Travel Guide

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Altar do Chao - Santarem

Altar do Chao - Santarem

Jan Yttereng

Santarem can be considered one of the most attractive cities in Brazilian Amazon.

 It is located where the Amazon meets the Tapajos tiver, half way between Belem and Manaus. About 250.000 quite hospitable people live there and one can access pristine Rainforest, Floodplain Rainforest, plus amazing isolated beaches along the Tapajos river. You can get to Santarem by boat which takes some 2 days either from Belem or Manaus. I have also done by plane which is only one hour from the two major amazon cities. I never tried the BR 163(Santarem Cuiaba) which is stiil unpaved, i dont reccomend either.



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