Getting Around in Salvador

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If you´d like to know Salvador da Bahia deeply specially things outside of the touristy itineraries. The most important thing is getting around but knowing how to do that enjoying things out and of course safely.
Salvador is a big city and just like any big city around the world it´s necessary to be aware of everything around us. We should know where we´re going to (at least to have an idea) then knowing in what we´re getting to like this avoiding any unpleasent surprise.
Salvador is known to many people for its 2 cities within a city, it means, all the variety of things and its cultural, economical and social difference which can be found in different parts of the city it´s a "must see" adventure and exploration which will be making your visit more understanding and interesting. Try to get out of downtown, atlatic ocean part of the city and neighbourhoods as Barra and surroundings...and go to the "Lower-city" (Cidade Baixa) or even places like "Avenida Suburbana" or other neighbourhoods but it´s important to let you know that those places there are no tourists visiting so it´s important to do it with a local friend, by taxi (browsing around) or even with a tour guide for you (just like myself who can be googled and found on-line) to have the most enjoyable and wealth experience.

                        All the best, Fernando Bingre
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