When to Go in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre in Brazil is considered to have a subtropical climate, meaning that the average level of precipitation is high throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold or mild.

Instead of four seasons, the area is usually considered to experience two seasons, but there can be something of an autumn and spring, which both exhibit more moderation in weather.

Summer and Spring - November through April

Summers are hot and humid. Temperatures average from about 77˚F to 82˚F, but it is regularly even hotter. Record highs have been over 100˚F in both November and January. The record low is still between 40˚F and 50˚F, and the lowest temperatures usually occur at the beginning and end of the season during November and April.

Summer rainfall is not only heavy, but it also usually falls in connection to thunderstorms, tropical storms, or even occasionally cyclones.

Spring is generally considered is slightly drier than any of the other seasons, and it is also more stable in temperature than summer. However, both Summer and Spring appear muggy, and the fog can interrupt flight travel.

Winter and Autumn – May through October

Winter is decidedly cooler than summer, but the level of precipitation remains steady. Although the winter climate is considered relatively mild it is windy and characterized as at best changeable and at worst unpredictable.

Winter temperatures usually range from 40˚F to 55˚F but temperatures can rise to as high as 75˚F with a record high of 95˚F. Temperatures can also sink below the average with record lows from 30˚F to 37˚F. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the area was -6˚F, but this occurred as long ago as 1918.

There is less difference between “Aumtumn” and Winter than between Summer and Spring, but the Autumn months are generally warmer, although the weather is as changeable as the winter weather in the area.

When to go to Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre has the possibility of considerably unfavorable weather all the year around, but spring is the most consistently reliable in both temperature and precipitation levels. Nonetheless, the possibility of fog may still cause flight delays on travel days.

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