Top 5 Must Do's in Porto Alegre

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Being the southern capital of Brazil, this port town is full of exciting activities. Whether interested in nature, sports, shopping or eating, there are a few top things to do in Porto Alegre that are a must.

Beria Rio Football Stadium

If you're a sports fan, a visit to the Beria Rio Football Stadium is a must. Soccer is easily the most popular international sport and Porto Alegre is one of the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Olympics for soccer, this will be a true test of athletic skill and a stop to the home of these tournaments will be interesting to all sports fans.

Central Public Market

Opened in 1869, this local marketplace is one you will definitely want to visit. Home to more than 100 shops, the Central Public Market includes fish stores, ice cream parlors, fresh fruit and vegetable stands and countless restaurants. Built in traditional neoclassical architecture, the stunning building itself is worth the stop.

Guaiba River

For the best experience of a natural wonder, make sure you visit Guaiba River in the evening to view the breathtaking sunset. Known for being one of the most beautiful in the world, the famous sunset with it's intense colors is best viewed on the west side of the lake. Depending on your preference, there are a number of cruises and boat rentals to view the stunning region by water.

Semana Farroupilha

If you're traveling through the city during September, you will be lucky enough to observe the Semana Farroupilha Festival. The classic dance of Papas is the highlight of the festival, displaying traditional folk dance of the region. Spectacular music and other dances are abundant through the duration of this event. Festivals are also the best way to sample local cuisine as food is made in small, individually owned booths-- which ensures ethnic authenticity.

Porto Alegre Botanical Gardens

The building of this impressive garden originally started in the 17th century. Enhancements progressed over the next 300 years until over 50 acres were set aside to preserve over 100 varieties of vegetation indigenous to the area. Also providing a variety of educational activities to promote awareness of biodiversity, the gardens are integrated with the Park Zoo and the Museum of Natural Sciences so you can easily visit all 3 of these sites in an afternoon.

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