Shopping in Porto Alegre

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Praia de Belas Shopping

Praia de Belas Shopping

Lucas Mello

Being the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, Porto Alegre is a bustling urban city with plenty of shopping opportunities for you to indulge in. Being a city rich in culture and heritage, Porto Alegre offers much more than your typical mall and shopping center. If this is what you are after, don't worry, Porto Alegre has plenty of malls and shopping outlets to choose from. If you're seeking traditional handicrafts for yourself and gifts that have cultural meaning, there are countless flea markets and shops to choose from that will give you souvenirs that you will cherish for years to come.


Known as the best shopping mall in Porto Alegre by locals, Iguatemi is a 2-story mall that offers the best of everything. With amazing security and amenities available to its shoppers, a trip to Iguatemi is stress and worry free. Iguatemi features department stores and big-name shops, book stores and gift shops. Also featuring a large art gallery, tourists and locals an observe the work of local designers and artists. You could easily spend a day getting lost in this vast mall. Diverse and offering simply everything, Iguatemi is the tops spot for shopping in Porto Alegre.

Praia de Beles

The most popular Brazillian stores are located in the Praia de Beles mall. Similar to Iguatemi, the diversity of products becomes a variety of traditional and ethnic goods and food. Where Iguatemi is more focused on incorporating big-name stores that will bring forth profit, Praia de Belse offers tourists and locals alike a taste of classic Brazillan culture with a homemade feel as well as shops selling local arts and crafts.

Brique da Redencao

A large flea market in Porto Alegre, the Birque da Redencao will give you a true taste of the culture of Brazil. Offering everything from ethnic food and drink, local arts and crafts, exhibitions, clothing and shoes, dance and music, there is something that will please everyone here. A true flea market, locals come with their antiques and newly made crafts to trade or sell. The streets in downtown Porto Alegre are shut down every Sunday for this flea market, making it impossible to miss. A trip to the Bruiqe da Redencao flea market is a must-do regardless of whether you are a shopping fanatic or not.

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