Senior Travel in Porto Alegre

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Being such a modern metropolis, there are dozens of things to do in Porto Alegre that appeal to an older generation. Depending on your activity level, the type of activities that interest you, and when you'll be traveling through Brazil, this town has amenities and activities that will meet the wants and needs of any tourist.

Everest Porto Alegre Hotel

The Everest Porto Alegre Hotel is centrally located in this bustling city, making this the ideal spot for senior travlers. Within walking distance to this hotel are prime attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, multiple museums and the Matriz Square. The Everest offers a variety of rooms with a variety of amenities ranging from standard to executive that appeal to the security elderly travelers desire. The roof top restaurant serves a breakfast buffet to guests, so that is one meal out of the day you won't have to worry about.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation in Porto Alegre is perfect for senior travelers as the bus passes for senior travelers are free! Not only does the transit system make traveling to and from your sightseeing locations easy for you, but the amount of money you will save on transportation can be utilized elsewhere. Make sure you bring identification showing proof of age (over sixty years of age) to get your pass.

Guaiba River Cruises

For a stress-free and relaxing afternoon, partake in one of the many tours along the Guaiba River. Ranging from one hour tours viewing the scenery to evening tours offering a buffet dinner, romantic dancing and a prime spot to marvel at the famous sunset, a tour along this waterway is something you will not want to miss out on.


Porto Alegre is home to a number of historic buildings that display amazing architectural wonders that are a treat to look at. If architecture interests you, there are a few buildings to view in this city. The public library, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Santander Cultural building and the Instituto Pao dos Pobres are just three of the examples of the dozens of traditional architecture in this historic town.

Sao Pedro Theatre

Not only a beautiful building for it's architectural beauty, a visit to the Sao Pedro Theater is a great way to experience the culture of Brazil through one of the many shows this historic theater features. A great way to spend a relaxing evening, a night at the theater is stress-free as the transit system will drop you off and take you back to your hotel.

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