Nightlife and Entertainment in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre by night... This is the Guaíba Bridge at night

Porto Alegre by night... This is the Guaíba Bridge at night

Lucas Mello

Porto Alegre Nightlife and Entertainment is electric and wild. Most compare this small city’s thrills and sultry vibe to that of the Big Apple New York City. Many clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants cater to the needs of every age group. You can find a spot that will fit your budget and offer an amazing time. Many of the bars and clubs have live music and guest celebrities from all over the world that frequent the town and spice things up.  Many of the clubs have a trendy feel and predominately attract the younger crowds. Furthermore, they have jazz festivals throughout the year, playing classical music for the older crowd and many clubs have 80’s, disco and Philly soul night. You can find articles about the city’s nightlife in many magazines and newspapers a like, praising the fun and excitement one has that last forever in the mind of anyone that visits.

Dance and Music

Many places throughout the city are must-visits. Porto Alegre has such a strong popular music scene that many local bands cannot have a completed tour without adding Porto Alegre to their tour dates. For the best jazz in town, you should visit The Sala Jazz Tom Jobim. They have live jazz sessions and offer great coffee at the in-house café, Café Concerto. If you visit the Cidade Baixa neighborhood, the historic streets like João Alfredo are always alive and full of music until the early hours. Lilliput is another must-visit for its live music, friendly staff and variety of beers. Dado Pub, local neighbor of Lilliput, plays lots of salsa music and you can see the locals do the native dance MPB.

Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Many of the bars not only see a wild selection of beers and alcohol but also have a small selection of foods. Where fashion is no joke, bars like Arsenal severe it up. They have little delicacies yet nothing compares to their famous and always sold out hot dog called Bage Dog. When you visit, if you order a round and dine on the Bage Dog the night is sure to go right.

Another local favorite in the area is Dolphin's that sells the town's famous dogs, has great live music and has one of the largest dance floors in the city. Though most of the clubs and bars in the area are affordable, many throughout the Moinhos de Vento Valley can hurt the pockets if you do not go prepared. There, the way you dress has to be on point and the drinks are above the norm, so expect to pay for what you get. There you will find many Irish pubs and many cafes that stay open later than most.

Porto Alegre may be a mini New York City, but it is truly its own identity, full of life and animation!


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