Museums in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre is a bustling city with many museums and cultural spots to explore. With a long and storied history, the city's museums highlight the best in Brazilian art, history and culture.

Porto Alegre Museums

Art lovers must stop in to see the largest collection of art in the city at the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art. This expansive collection is located in the eclectic building that once housed a branch of the Federal Revenue Office.

The oldest museum in the state, the Julio de Castihos Museum, began in 1903 and covers all periods of local history. With impressive Indian relics and objects from the War of the Triple Alliance and War of Tatters, this museum will provide the visitor with a nice overview of Porto Alegre history.

The Maria Quintana House of Culture is a popular stop when in Porto Alegre. Along with being the former residence one of Brazil's most influential poets, the building is now a meeting place as well as a cinema and theater.

The Joaquim Jose Felizardo Museum and Rio Grande do Sul Memorial are 2 other great museums for lovers of history to peruse during their stay in Porto Alegre. Highlighting history of the state through artifacts and photographs, these 2 museums give a nice insight into the past growth and progress of the area.

Contributor: Katherine Green

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