Internet Cafes in Porto Alegre

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In Porto Alegre, internet cafes are everywhere. Tucked inside a hotel or on the streets of downtown these coffee shops are always available for the student, businessman and vacationer to use. Internet cafes offer guests a great combination of coffee, local treats and small breakfast items all while catching up with your emails, networking sites and other business and personal needs. Porto Alegre offers the best of the best for travelers that need a quick connection.

Restaurant Cafe Deville

Located directly next to the Porto Alegre airport, is the Deville Aeroporto Hotel. This easy-access hotel is a great place to stop after a long flight or for a quick drink before your flight takes off. The Restaurant Cafe Deville is situated in the lobby and can seat nearly 200 guests. The lobby/bar constitutes a portion of this restaurant. With a relaxing atmosphere including a fireplace and full bar, this cafe also offers complimentary wi-fi, making it the perfect place to catch up on emails when in transit, waiting for a flight, business meeting or other obligations.

Hotel Ritz

Hotel Ritz is a comfortable hotel offering all the standard amenities you'd expect out of a 2-star hotel. An added feature this hotel offers is a coffee shop on the ground floor that offers state of the art internet connections. Another cafe situated in a hotel, cafes like this offer the connection you need to your outside world all while servicing your needs in a cozy atmosphere sipping a cup of coffee. The Hotel Ritz is also a perfect place for a business trip as the hotel offers multiple meeting rooms all equipped with internet connectivity, making this hotel and cafe the perfect place to stop for a business meeting and a delicious beverage.

Cyber Cafe PC 2

Located in downtown Porto Alegre, the Cyber Cafe PC 2 is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax with a delicious drink. The Cyber Cafe PC 2 offers 5 computers with 32 megabytes of RAM as well as access to a printer and a scanner. Small and comfortable, this cafe offers a perfect blend of the classic cafe atmosphere combined with the technologies we need in today's society.

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AeroOffice: partial view
AeroOffice: partial view
photo by: JMP

Internet Cafe in Porto Alegre.

World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+55 51 3358 2660
hours:6 AM - 11PM
price:R$ 9,00 / h
address:Av Severo Dullius, 90010 - 3 pav.

Espao@ Cybercaf

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20 computers, printer, scanner, web cam, coffee, drinks

World66 rating:[rate it]
price:R$ 6,00
tel:055 51 32210001
hours:9:00 - 21:00
address:Praa XV de Novembro, 16-12 andar, Porto
Alegre, 90020080, Brazil
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