Getting There in Porto Alegre

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It's Better to Fly

Most visitors to Brazil don't realize the large distances between most major Brazilian cities. If you only have a few days to visit Brazil, it's better that you move around by plane rather than by bus or car. Not only will you be able to save time (and use it on better things than sitting in a car) but you'll also be able to travel more comfortably.

Getting There by Plane

The Salgado Filho International Airport (IATA airport code: POA) serves the city of Porto Alegre. This airport is quite busy and it serves a daily average of 174 passenger and cargo airplanes. This airport provides connections to Brazilian states and to some countries in South America.

Azul, Gol, NHT, OceanAir, TAM, TRIP and Webjet are the local airline companies that offer flights to and from Porto Alegre. It's a good idea to book as many legs of your flight as possible through local airlines, because they offer deeper discounts than international airlines. If you're flying from Buenos Aires in Argentina, Aerolineas Argentinas has direct flights to Porto Alegre. PLUNA Airlines offers a direct flight to and from Montevideo in Uruguay. TACA offers a direct flight to and from Lima in Peru.

Renting a Car

If you insist on renting a car to move around Brazil and or Porto Alegre, it's highly recommended that you get an international driver's license at your country of origin. Having an international driver's license will save you both time and money when booking a car in Brazil.

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Dear Sir/Mam,

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