Eating Out in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre is an exciting place to visit in South America. It is the capital city of the Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. The typical well-known food here is soft "churrasco," barbecue (meat is roasted over an open flame). Similarly delicious "feijoada" (black beans cooked with a wide variety of beef and pork meat) is also very famous.

Paseo Colorado:

This restaurant is famous for its special appetizer buffet and a parade of mouth watering spit-roasted meats decoratively served right onto your plate. The various delicious variety of meats (e.g. rib-eye, various Brazilian sausage, bacon-wrapped filet mignon) are served 1 by 1 until your stomach can take no more. Similarly crispy-skinned quail, tasty chicken legs, duck and varieties of tender beef from massive sword-like skewers are brought round to your table.


This is one of the famous and most traditional bar-draft beer-restaurants in the city. Chalet is located at XV de Novembro Plaza, which is downtown on the Glênio Peres Square. You can find here the last “lambe-lambe” photographers working. (“Lambe – lambes” are the famous photographers who develop pictures using the oldest method known). Restaurant Chalet is built in a beautiful Bavarian style design.

Orquestra de Panelas

Orquestra de Panelas is a very comfortable, beautifully designed restaurant that is famous for its delicious local fare. It is located on a busy street that now hosts many good restaurants, hotels and famous pubs. This restaurant is well known in the area since it uses mostly fresh produce of the season. You can dig into many delectable fish recipes like grilled cod with spicy garlic sauce and barbequed salmon. Orquestra de Panelas also serves many tasty beef dishes. Visitors can sample a wide variety of local as well as imported wines.

Na Brasa

This restaurant is famous for its barbeque dishes.  Visitors can savor 25 delicious kinds of meat recipes and 35 kinds of salads to satiate eclectic taste buds. Na Brasa has got a very pleasant ambiance and it is open daily for lunch and dinner.


This is a typical Italian-style restaurant located in the heart of the city. At Italian, you can get the tastiest Mediterranean dishes like involtine and torteloni  that are heavily influenced by Italian flavors. This cozy place serves you food from Monday to Saturday and has reasonable rates.

Eating out in Porto Alegre is a pleasant experience and includes an incredible variety of food ranging from tasty finger foods to giant traditional meals.

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Riverside`s Shikki

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Great Sushi place...

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Na Brasa

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A great Churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ).

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address:Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 389 - Esquina Sao Carlos
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