Cruises in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre cruises are numerous and offered throughout this city. Especially with a city that is located directly on a body of water, one of the best ways to experience the best this city has to offer is by boat. Not only is the river a beautiful landmark, the views of the city from the river are amazing as well. Whether it is by a private tour, a boat you rent yourself or a 5-star cruise, there are a number of cruises and boat tours offered in Porto Alegre that cater to every preference and budget.

White Swan Tours

Porto Alegre is situated directly on the Guaiba River. Known by writers and artists as one of the best locations in the world to experience a breathtaking sunset, the Guaiba River and lake offers amazing landscape views that can be best enjoyed aboard a boat. The White Swan ("Cisne Branco") is a luxury yacht that offers a variety of tours ranging in length. A short 1-hour tour takes you to the local river islands of Ilha das Flores, Ilha do Castelhano as well many other locations. The same tour is offered at a 2-hour length that also offers lunch aboard the boat. This longer tour not only gives you a meal but also a chance to tour the islands further. The final tour is a 3-hour evening boat tour that also stops at river islands. Offered on this longer tour is a buffet dinner followed by dancing on a floating dance floor. Being that it is an evening tour, this trip is a great chance to witness the stunning sunset.

Opco Tours

Opco Tours and Events is a local tourism company that features river and city tours of Brazil. A tour that Opco Tours features in Porto Alegre is an all inclusive 4-day tour that gives you the very best this port city in Brazil has to offer. Starting out, you will get a day tour of the city, visiting the historic monuments as well as other well-known sites. The best part of this excursion is far and away the cruise. Stunning views, opportunities to take a dip in the warm water and enjoying the warm sun make this leisurely tour one you won't want to miss out on.

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