Budget Travel Ideas in Porto Alegre

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For budget seekers, Porto Alegre offers many opportunities to stretch the dollar while simultaneously enjoying your trip. As the largest urban center in Southern Brazil, Porto Alegre is a great blend of Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, is one of the richest areas in the country, has the highest literacy rate in the country, and is widely thought to be the source of the most beautiful women in Brazil.

Budget Sights in Porto Alegre

There are many free or inexpensive things to do in Porto Alegre. One popular thing is watching the sunset, and with so many great vantage points, you can enjoy it from somewhere new each day. Best viewed over the city's main river - the Guaiba - Gasometro and Ipanema are great places to watch the spectacle.

The MARGS, or museum of art, features a permanent collection, as well as rotating new exhibitions of Brazilian art. Admission is free here. Check out the Monumento aos Acorianos, honoring the initial settlers of the city with a 17-meter-high monument.

Parks are plentiful in the city and two of the best are Moinhos de Vento Park and Farroupilha Park. While Moinhos de Vento Park features nice jogging trails and a small lake, Farroupilha Park has a large auditorium that plays host to numerous concerts and political acts throughout the year. On Sundays, there is an antique fair here called Brique da Redencao.

Budget Dining in Porto Alegre

There are many budget dining opportunities in Porto Alegre. Be sure to eat plenty of Brazilian food for the best deals. Buffets are a great way to go for the budget conscious traveler and prices can start as low as $3. Try to eat at least one meal a day from street vendors to keep your budget in check and try out some local offerings you may not find elsewhere.

Budget Lodging in Porto Alegre

There are many budget lodging options when in Porto Alegre. The Marechal Hotel, located in the middle of downtown, has single rooms starting at just $15, while the Hotel Ritz offers long term and short stay housing in dorm style beds, singles and doubles with prices starting at just under $20 a night.  

Getting Around Porto Alegre on a Budget

Using the bus is a great way to get around the city on a budget. For a little over a dollar ($.85 for second trip) visitors can ride the bus around town to get to a variety of locations. Buses here are clean, safe and quick, though the routes are not often well marked. The easiest way to find which bus to take is to ask someone - try your hotel, tour guide or other professional to get the best directions as to which bus to take. Be sure to wave to the driver when you see the bus approach, as otherwise they will not stop.

Walking is the most budget way to get around, although most areas of the city are too spread out to make it an effective means on its own. While you may want to walk and explore a neighborhood or downtown, getting from one neighborhood to another should be left to buses or taxis. Pedestrian crossings here are not followed by drivers so be very careful when crossing the street. Also, avoid walking at night, as it can be very dangerous.

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