Beaches in Porto Alegre

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Porto Alegre is one of the most important cities in Brazil. It is both a cultural center and an economic center of the Rio Grande do Sul state of Brazil. Within the city limits there are some beautiful beaches, sadly, however, swimming and water sports are not recommended due to the excessive water pollution in the area. Therefore, tourists must reserve themselves to simply watching a spectacular sunset, sunbathing, or playing beach volleyball while on the beaches of Porto Alegre. The worst part is that the water looks so refreshing and attractive, so it's even more of a shame that tourists cannot go in and enjoy the water. During the winter in Porto Alegre though, you are unlikely to find even a hand full of tourists or locals on the beach, as they are windy and uninvited during that time of year.

Nearby beaches

The entire coast, from the northernmost point of Rio Grande do Sul to the southernmost tip, is basically one long beach with nothing to break it up into sections. It is the largest continuous beach in South America. Therefore, there are plenty of other beaches to enjoy besides those specifically in Porto Alegre. The best are about an hour away, but they are still not recommended for swimming. There are sandy beaches great for sunbathing, as well as more natural beaches with rocky coves and turbulent water. Both kinds are perfect for photos, exploration, and gorgeous sunsets.  None of these beaches charge an admission fee. If you want to rent a vehicle to visit the many beaches near Porto Alegre, it is best to get a 4X4 due to the many picturesque beaches inaccessible by car.

Guaiba Lake

Porto Alegre is settled on the east side of Guaiba Lake, which is actually a river despite its name. Guaiba Lake and four other rivers actually combine at that point for form a huge, deep lagoon called the Lagoon of Ducks. This provides Porto Alegre with even more coastline for tourists to enjoy. Every local will tell you Guiba Lake is the place to see the most beautiful sunset in the city. The colors are brilliant and the reflection in the water is breathtaking. You can sit on the sandy beaches to enjoy the sunset, or you take take a boat out into the river for an even better view.

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