Bars and Cafes in Porto Alegre

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In going with the spirit of Brazil, Porto Allegre is the embodiment of the entertainment and color that Brazil has to offer. It has a vibrant nightlife that is well supported by its bar and cafes catering to all price ranges. Night time is party time and so there is no restraint to the one who wants to have a good time and wants it to literally last all night long. The bars and cafes, apart from offering you local and exquisite beverage options, provide excellent entertainment outlets with music that rings through the night. Let us look in to some of the favorite bars and cafes that can be visited in the city.

Café Bonobo

A hot spot in its locality and good number of miles around, you get a variety of goodies at Café Bonobo. Located on Castro Alves, you get lights snacks, exotic ice cream flavors and mouth watering juices to tickle your taste buds during any time of the day. Moreover, all that is offered is healthy being absolutely organic. Everything you see in your order is made right in Café Bonobo from scratch. If you want delicious food to go with work, you can make use of the Wi-Fi network it has while catching a bite.

Chalet of the XV de Novembro Plaza

The Chalet of the XV de Novembro Plaza is a very old bar and a draft beer restaurant in the city. It is an icon featuring the famous lambe-lambe photography method of developing photos outdoors. Chalet is located along the prime XV de Novembro Plaza. It gives tourists and town residents alike a feel of the inherent way of life of the old Proto Alegre.


Barbazul Cocktail Pub is one of the hotspots not only for its drinks but also for its rocking live music which has as many flavors as the menu.  The music is either some good old rock ’n roll or it is apt for one to literally dance the night away. The food and drinks don’t disappoint, either. You must visit Barzabul for its old world charm, if you are in town.

Manara Bar

Another dancing hotspot is Manara Bar.  The place is the place to be if you like dancing forró. Sunday evenings at Manara Bar cater to people who like the dancing style. 

Porto Alegre is a wonderful place to enjoy good food and drinks in a relaxing atmosphere that has fairly resonable prices .

Contributor: Sameera Kumar

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