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Accommodation in Porto Alegre

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The capital city of the southernmost Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre is located on the on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba at the convergence of 5 rivers to form the giant freshwater lagoon called Lagoa dos Patos. Being a highly diversified and rich city of Latin America, Porto Alegre beckons immigrants from all over the world and has evolved as the leading commercial center of Brazil. Here is a guide to the hotels of the city.

The Luxurious

Porto Alegre has several luxury and boutique 5-star hotels like the Acores Hotel, Blue Tree Millennium and Blue Tree Towers. The Sheratol Porto is another swanky property in the up-market Moinhos de Vento neighborhood. The hotel is elegantly decorated with splendid tropical shades and is linked to a large shopping mall, where guests are often seen picking up designer merchandise. The suites are luxurious, sprawling and done up in rich vintage wooden furniture replete with European fittings and expensive marble flooring. The in-house restaurant serves an eclectic range of contemporary world cuisine. Sheratol Porto is very popular with business travelers for its large conference rooms and a well-stocked business center. There is also a fitness center, swimming pool and sauna in the hotel’s premises. The in-house nightclub of the hotel is frequented by several tourists and expats. Rates in the luxury category start at approximately R $ 180.

The Mid-Range

Porto Alegre also has a good collection of moderately priced, value-for-money resorts that offer comfortable services without weighing heavily on the traveler’s wallet. Hotel Deville Porto, Novotel Porto Alegre, Intercity Premium Porto Alegre and Holiday Inn Porto Alegre are all mid-range accommodation options that boast of most modern facilities combined with good service and a fair price. The Mid-range hotels are priced anywhere between R $ 80 and 120.

Economy Picks

For travelers on a shoestring budget, Porto Alegre has 2-star hotels, lodges and hostels that can be rented in the range of R $ 30 to 60 for a night. Some popular 2-star properties include Comfort Inn, Harmonia Residence and Quality Hotel. The service at these hotels is personal, warm and friendly and during the off season, one can even bargain for a package deal that includes a breakfast or lunch.

Porto Alegre, being an important industrial and tourist center, has an assortment of accommodation options that is suitable for all budgets.


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