7 Day Itinerary in Porto Alegre

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Port Alegre is one of the most well known of Brazil's many shoreline vacation places. There is an overwhelming amount of southern Brazilian sites to experience, and it is full of cultural buildings and museums that date back to the time when the town was founded by the Portuguese. A seven day itinerary can benefit you in that you will have a good idea of what to see and do.

Day 1
Upon arrival you may be a little tired so let’s start your vacation at a slow pace. The Linha Turismo is a double decker bus that has no roof, and it allows you to view the main touring parts of the city as the bus passes by. This is a good choice as a first activity because it gives you an idea of the locale of places you will go to. It starts off at the Porto Alegre municipal office Cidade Baixa. Tour hours are Tuesday-Saturday at  9:00, 10:30, 15:00 and 16:30. Tickets are 7r$ on bus top. 5r$ inside bus. This is a great trip for kids

Day 2
You have a very exciting day ahead. This leisure trip is a treasure for a person who likes art. The well respected Museum of Art of Rio Grande will touch you even if you don’t consider art as a main source of entertainment. There are extravagant collections of art by Debret, Di Cavalcanti and a few Brazilian artists like Fransisco Stockinger and many more. A gallery of ceramics, tapestries and a few sculptures fill the halls with great works of art. As an additional bonus, the museum is free of charge.

Day 3
Today is the day to go to one of the largest cultural centers in Latin America, The Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana. It has a special place in the heart of the native folk here. Go to the top of the building and look out over the city or sip on a drink from the café there. The building houses a lot of galleries, a famous cinema and a huge library.

Day 4

Go to the train station, there is a boat dock nearby named the Doca Turistica. Here you can arrange for a 2 hour boat excursion to explore the Rio Guaiba. This is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.  Also see about getting a charter to view Pintana Island. It may be difficult to book a cruise during certain seasons.

Day 5
Take a bus or a taxi to the Botanical Garden, a huge park located in the Jarmin district between the avenues of Fischer and Salvador Franca. The park should be an all day tour for you as you walk its 43 acres. Observe all the vegetation there; it is recorded that over 725 species of vegetation are housed on its grounds. Be sure to visit the historical museum there, as it has a large collection of stuffed animals. The price for entrance is only $1.

The Moinhas de Vento Park should be close by. If not, a city bus is available and they are inexpensive to ride. This park is a great choice for walking or jogging. It has a section which focuses on sporting facilities, like a tennis courts and soccer field. A library is there if you are interested in spending a leisurely afternoon reading. This park is styled in the South Americans idea of what their country would look like European style. Be aware that in the nighttime hours it gets rather busy and noisy.

Day 7
A stroll through the central market on your last day will be a good time to buy a few souvenirs to remember this vacation by. The building structure has recently been renovated which allows you to wander in and out of over 100 shops. Various items and foods are available here. Be sure to purchase some authentic gaucho paraphernalia.  


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