Ponta Negra Travel Guide

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The beach

The beach


Ponta Negra is the name of a borough and beach of the city of Natal; until the 1980s, Ponta Negra was a fishing village, but since then the tourism has exploded, and some say that the area is expected to become the new "Canaries Islands". The prices of owning land has increased tremendously during the last five years. As it was/is a fishing area, you can get very good sea food in most restaurants at a reasonable price. Be aware of that the prices at the menu are often for two persons and the meal is so rich that it's not uncommon to have left overs. If you like lazy days at the beach or windsurfing this is the perfect place to visit. The beach is crowded with people also these who wants to sell something to you. They can easily accept a no ("não" in Portuguese), but before you start to bargain about the price, you should keep in mind that most of these people are living in the "favelas", extremely poor areas in Brazil, and they often support a very large family. According to NASA this area has the best air in the world and I totally agree. The whole town is founded on the dunes and that is easily noticed when you want to "climb" from the beach to the main road. There's a steep of 70 meters.


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