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João Felipe

Characteristics more German City of the Country, Pomerode is synonymous of tradition, natural beauty and quality of life.  It is the main gastronomic pole of the region.  Date of foundation - 21 of January of 1959.  Festive date - the first monday after the Passover and 26 of December.  Main economic activities - the city counts on one of the most diversified industrial parks of the State, including metallurgic, chemical and furniture confections, industries.  The company most traditional of Pomerode is of Porcelains the Schmidt.  Agriculture is responsible for 7% of the municipal collection.  Population - 22,000 inhabitants.  Settling - German.  Main ethnicities - German.  Localization - In the Valley of the Itajaí, 32km of Blumenau.  Area - 217km2.  Climate - Tempered, with average temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC.  Altitude - 85m above of the level of the sea.  Next cities - Blumenau, River of the Cedars, Indaial, Jaraguá of the South, Timbó.

Tourism Colonized for immigrants German of the province of the Pommern, north of Germany, Pomerode is considered the city most German of Brazil, where 70% of the population make use of the language and the germanic dialects.  The city also possesss a rich folklore, music and gastronomy - where if it can observe the allegiance to old prescriptions of the German cuisine.  The Brezel (biscuit species with three punctures and little stones of thick salt, much indicated "to hold" the effect of the beer), the Strudel (pie candy) and the Mohn Brötchen are examples (polvilhado round small bread with seed of papoula).  In front to the Zoological Garden, charretes for pleasant strolls for the city can be rented.  Culture - the city has 16 clubs of hunting and shot, as it is tradition in the cities of German settling.  Bands touch waltzes, polcas and typical marches of the immigrants.  The chorales, on the social churches or clubs, interpret German songs, while four folklorics groups, through its suits and typical choreographies, revivem the music and the dances of the first settlers.  He visits the Pomerano Museum, the Museum Ervin Kurt Theichmann and the great number of constructions in style enxaimel, all carefully preserved.  He knows the Square Jorge Lacerda and the Center of Arte and Artesanato, that display and commercialize parts in wood, straw, painting in porcelain, embroidering, crochê and typical dolls, beyond jellies, liquors and biscuits caretakers.  Nature - the Zoological Garden of Pomerode, inaugurated in 1932, is considered one of oldest of the Country.  It approximately keeps 600 animals of more than 120 species and is well in the center of the city.  It visits the Mount of Turkey, of where if it discloses a pretty panoramic sight of Pomerode and that he is ideal for the practical one of paragliding and parapente.  It also visits cascades Crystalline and of the Hauth.  Events - Pomerode carries through diverse parties to the long one of the year.  The first one is the Pomerana Party, in January, with traditional music of bandinha, balls, folkloric dances and typical meals.  Also it has competitions of cuisine and traditional competitions of the old Pomerânia, with prominence for the Agro-industrial Exposition.  In July it has the Party of the King of the Municipal Shot, and, in November, of the Queen.  In some of the 16 clubs, the parties of the King and the Queen of the Municipal Shot are carried through all the week ends.  Tourist infrastructure - In the city it has good hotels, with attendance of quality and good services.

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