Pipa Travel Guide

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Praia do Centro, Pipa

Praia do Centro, Pipa

J. Cobbaert

Pipa is a small village near Natal now a thriving international tourist destination, most of the one hundred plus hotels or Pousadas as they are known in Brazil are now owned by europeans. There are probably around ten really good quality restruants, my favourite is the Pacifico on the main street, owned and run by the chef James an american who got tired of the rat race international hotel buisness and now devotes his time to preparing some of the finest sea food dishes you are likely to experience.

Pipa has two faces, the day time face is sun sea and sand on any of the four beaches around town, by night it is music dancing in the streets and party time down town, so advice is try staying a little out of the centro if you want to sleep before sunrise.

I am Scottish by birth but now living in and loving Pipa, I also own a small Pousada and if you are ever passing through come say hello, or if you are looking for somewhere to stay then have a look in our website, you will also find some useful links to other sites  www.moradadosventos.com .