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accommodation in Itaipuaçu

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Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro's 'sister city' across Guanabara Bay, may lack the glamor of the cidade maravilhosa (marvellous city), but rivals its beauty. With stunning beaches that beat those of Rio itself, Niteroi is a great place to escape the crowds.

Cariocas (natives of Rio) like to joke that the only good thing about Niteroi is the view of Rio and, while this is a little harsh, the views are indeed spectacular.

Rio vs. Niteroi Accommodations

Much less visited by tourists than Rio itself, Niteroi accommodations tend to be a better value for your money. There are often rooms available for a reasonable price even during peak season and major public holidays such as New Years and Carnival. The proximity to Rio itself - a 20 minute puddle jump on the ferry or quick bus ride over the famous Rio-Niteroi bridge - makes Niteroi a good base for those who wish for access to the attractions of both cities, while getting better deals for their dollar. However, choices are more limited, and while there are some good business hotels and cosy pousadas (guest houses), don't expect to find the abundance of backpacker hostels and chic boutique options of Rio itself. One pleasant beachside pousada is Itacoatiara Cama e Cafe Pousada, close to the beautiful beach at Itacoatiara. The hotel is located at Rua das Margaridas, 364, Itacoatiara, telephone +55 21 2609 3946.


Some ways off the beaten track, Itaipuaçu itself offers little by the way of accommodation options, but can be easily reached by bus, car or cab from the city center and is an excellent spot for catching some rays or taking a dip, far from the tourist hordes that throng Copacabana and Ipanema.

Niteroi City Center

The center of Niteroi offers various hotel options, from simple no-frills rooms to luxurious stays, while the more rural outlying areas are home to some scenic pousadas. A scattering of companies offer short-term apartment rental services - a good bet for groups of friends sharing and those who want to save money by self catering. Steer clear of 'pay by the hour' places, no matter how cheap the rate, as they are not particularly safe options. Be aware that 'motels' cater to those looking for some much needed quality time with that special someone, not the tourist on a budget.

A decent, mid-range option in the center is Niteroi Palace Hotel; a three-star hotel offering decent services, English-speaking staff and a good breakfast. The hotel has good business facilities too. It's located at Rua General Andrade Neves, 134, Centro,  - Niterói CEP 24.210-001. Telephone: +55 (21) 2716-5250

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