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The name of this city comes from the link it has with the UK's real state business at that time (1930 - 1964). So Londrina means  the female form for Londonan. As they had a lot of money to finance the land, this city soon became for decades the Fastest-growing city in South America. Wealthy city that opted for a vertical development. It has become rich by the coffee and is now the most important centre in Northern Paraná. With an arquiteture all envolved by Art Decoand Brazilian Modern Style makes a nice place to visit. Full of bars and pubs you wont be desapointed. Londrina is a city to enjoy, lots of friendly people. 90% of the year the weather is just perfect, it's a no cloudy city for sure and it haves a felling of art and love. Londrina is a melting pot of 70 years old, lots of japanese, german and italian people made this town their home. All the roads to get there are perfect, full of nice hotels, malls, colleges, hospitals and restaurants.


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