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João Felipe

"Ilheus", known as "Land of Gabriela", graduated as "Princess of the South", reflects an enormous importance as reference of the "cocoa coast", in the south of Bahia state. The capital of the coast of cocoa, of as much memory, culture and beauty, exerts an authentic irresistible attraction on the visitors. Ilheus, scene that inspired to the creativity of the writer Jorge Amado fascinates and involves all. Ilheus is considered as a great tourist pole of the region, where if they also detach, Itacare, Canavieiras and Great Mountain range. Histories of the golden times of the cocoa agriculture can be recalled in Bar Vesuvio and the Cabaret Bataclan, old scenes of the Gabriela romance, today transformed into tourist attractions of obligator visitation, in the block Jorge Amado. It is basic also to know the First Church of Sao Jorge of the Ilheus (1556), where the Museum of Sacre Art functions, also the Cathedral of Sao Sebastiao, constructed in neoclassic style, one of the registered marks of the city, and the Outeiro of Sao Sebastiao, where they are the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes and the landmark of the city; both provide to visitors a panoramic vision.


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