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Lauro Müller

Lauro Müller

João Felipe

The Serra do Rio do Rastro is one of the most beautiful card-postcards of the city.  The ascent of the Mountain range, in a stuck road in natural rock, way to the exuberant vegetation and waterfalls, is obligator for the tourist, who must also visit the Grotto of the Amaral, accessible through the old road that leads to the city of Orleans.  Historic site - the Inn Visits Farm Castle, a historical monument and important tourist attraction of the city.  The building of the inn, constructed between 1917 and 1919 for Enrique Laja, maritime owner of salt mines, transports and deposits of coal in the catarinense south, is rejoinder of a Swiss castle.  The installations of the Castle of Laja include the residence main, with mirante in circular form of tower, a great terrace, one coreto and gardens in plateaus.  Tumbled for the Historic site, the Castle today offers different esportivas options and of leisure.  It also knows the first coalmine of Brazil, opened for the English in 1842, and the Geologic Museum of the Mountain range of the River of the Track, with samples of rocks of the Road of the River of the Track.  Parties - the city carries through diverse parties to the long one of the year, as the Party of the Padroeira, in August;  the Party of the Colonist, in October;  the Party of Saint Bárbara (padroeira of the miners, Saint Bárbara is festejada has 65 years, in the White Adobe district), in the month of December, and the Party of Ours Gentleman of the Bonfim, in the turn of the year.  Tourist infrastructure - the city counts on reasonable tourist infrastructure, especially for the agricultural tourism, and with diverse alternatives of lodging.  It has good restaurants in the city, the majority specialized in Italian food.
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