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Characteristics - important events of the History of Brazil, historical and praiana city, Lagoon have the best carnival of the south of the Country.  Date of foundation - 20 of January of 1876.  Festive date - 13 of June (Day of Saint Antonio of the Angels, padroeiro of the city).  Main economic activities - Lagoon has as economic base fishes it in the lagoons and the Atlantic coast, with high production of shrimp and siri.  The tourism also is great source of income, especially in the summer, when thousands of tourist invade its pretty beaches.  Population - 47,000 inhabitants.  Settling - Açoriana.  Main etnias - Açoriana.  Localization - South, 118km of Florianópolis.  Area - 353km2.  Climate - humid Mesotérmico.  The average temperature varies between 18ºC and 30ºC.  Altitude - 02m above of the level of the sea.  Next cities - Garopaba, Imbituba, Tubarão, Gravatal, Capivari de Baixo, Jaguaruna.  Tourism Lagoon is a charming city, with more than a beach set of ten, a historical center with more than 600 houses and historical monuments, overthrown for the National Historic site, and the livened up carnival of street more of the South of the country.
  Owner of cinematographic scenes (as the Lighthouse of Saint Marta - the greater of the South America, according to greater of the world, constructed in 1891 -, the Landmark of Tordesilhas and the dock berths - anchorage of yachts and small boats, good in the center of the city, of where a cinematographic put-do-sun can be appreciated), has its beaches and hiddings place invaded for thousand of tourist all summer.  It are of the season of summer, it is interesting to observe fishes it of tainha and the shrimp.  Of April the July, time of tainha, the botos always come to help the fishing that are motionless in the Piers of the Bar, waiting the shoals of fish that they bring until the beach.  Considered as friends, the botos have until name:  Penknife, Slipper, Son of the Slipper, Galha, Pie, Jucelino...  In the nights, the spectacle is the position of the shrimp fishing, that total make it in artisan way, lighting thousand of light bulbs the gas - to attract the shrimps - and transforms the lagoons of Imaruí and Santo Antonio into illuminated carpets.  It is a singular spectacle.  History and Culture - the city has many places that they deserve to be visited.  It gives special attention to the Source of the Carioca - constructed in 1863 for slaves and extended in 1906 -, the d'Ulysséa House Young chicken (1866), examined copy of a Fifth Portuguese, total coated with imported tiles of Portugal, a luxury for the time, and the First Church Saint Antonio of the Angels of the Lagoon - the altar in mining baroque style was sculptured in 1789, and the sidewall is enriched by a screen of Victor Meirelles, portraying the Immaculate Conceição, executed in Rome, in 1856.  It does not leave to know the history of Anita Garibaldi, the Farroupilha Revolution and the Juliana Republic, shown in the Museum Anita Garibaldi and the House of Anita.  The Museum occupies a 1747 construction, in the Square Juliana Republic, old Chamber of Councilmen and Public Chain of the city, the House of Anita is of 1711 and conserves diverse pertaining parts the Anita Garibaldi.  It also visits the Rock of the Frade, the Mount of the Glory (with 126 height m, is the point highest of the region) and the Piers of the Bar.  Beaches - Lagoon possesss 12 beaches, some still virgin, only looked for people who practise nautical sports.  It enters known beaches more are of the Thick Sea, Iro, Gi, Sun, Itapirubá, of the Lighthouse, Tereza, of the Gravatá, the Oil bottle, Prainha, of the Ipuã and the Siri and Prainha.  Tourist infrastructure - Lagoon has excellent hoteleiro park, beyond innumerable inns, houses of summering, campings...  It has good restaurants, good services, shopping, theater, cinema and total infrastructure of tourism and leisure.


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