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Accommodation in Juiz de Fora

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Juiz de Fora is a small city located in the southeast of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.   It is conveniently connected to the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and S\u00e3o Paulo by major highways making these popular business and leisure destinations just a short trip away. Juiz de Fora is considered by most to be the capital of the Zona da Mata, and as such, offers many shopping opportunities including plenty of shopping malls, small shops, and hyper-marts.  There are endless opportunities for dining in the area influenced by the large number of immigrants living in the area. For those visitng this area, the midrange Victory Business Hotel is available on the main square and the Ritz Plazamar Hotel is also available for those looking for simple affordability. The Maxim Plaza Hotel is the choice in the luxury category. Additionally, visitors to this area can find many simple apartments and villas. The dining options typically include Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Indian, Brazilian and vegetarian cuisines.  Some local attractions include the Museu Mariano and the Orquestra Filarm Musica. The city also hosts the annual event, the International Festival of Brazilian Colonial Music and Early Music.

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