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Centre of Joao Pessoa

Centre of Joao Pessoa

Colin Burnett

Joao Pessoa is the extreme eastern point of continental Brazil (as well as Americas!), and greenest city in Brazil, just north of Olinda and Recife and south of Pipa and Natal.

The Cabo Branco (White Cape), with Longitude W34º44'55" is a must for visitors; for a long time, Cabo Branco was the Easternmost point of Americas, and a lighthouse was built to register the landmark. However, over the past decades, the marine erosion carried land away from Cabo Branco and deposited it on Ponta Seixas, about 3 km South; Ponta Seixas is officially considered today the most Oriental point in continental Brazil.

The main reason people come here is for the beaches, but before you head for the prayas you should at least check out the Igreja de Sao Francisco, one of the nicest churches in the country (there's a panel in perspective on its ceiling, said to be the third largest in the world...).

The Lagoa is a nice place to relax a bit, it's a big park. Buses leave from here to Tambaú one of the main beaches just east of town with an exciting nightlife scene. Praia de Cabo Branco, Praia da Penha and Tambaba (nudist beach) are also good options.


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