Imbituba Travel Guide

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João Felipe

Known national for its port, Imbituba also was célebre for the Praia do Rosa - that, according to surfistas, it has waves that they only lose for the ones of Fernando de Norinha.  Also it gained fame for changedding itself, between May and November, in maternity of whale-frank, that they come to give birth and to suckle a its younglings in its waters and are well next to the coast, offering true show to the tourists.  Valley to confer the parties of the tourist calendar, in special the Party of the Shrimp and the Festival of Summer, in January;  the Week of the City, in June, and the Zimba Motion Beach, a meeting of motions that happens in November.  Beach and Nature - the natural beauties of Imbituba are responsible for a true revolution to each summer, when the city is invaded by hordas of tourists who search its beaches, still almost intocadas many, beyond the lagoons, dunes, rivers and islands.  The beaches of the Village, the Rose, the Bar, Ibiraquera and the Port, with classified waters as five stars for the ambient agency of the State, are of inconfundível beauty.  The Beach of Itapirubá also gained fame for its characteristics of ecological preservation.  The Lagoon of Ibiraquera is one of the most beautiful scenes of the e region is famous for fishes of the shrimp.  It also visits the Lagoon of the Peri and the Way.  Beyond beaches and lagoons, Imbituba also has some islands, as the Sant'Ana de Dentro, Sant'Ana de Fora, You plough, Tacami, Listener and the Islet of the Baton...  It makes a stroll of escuna and it walks for the ecological tracks, that lead desert beaches or the mysterious lagoons...  Tourist infrastructure - Imbituba counts on some hotels, inns and other forms of alternative lodging.  The gastronômica net serves of barbecue the fruit-do-sea and the commerce is so attractive that many tourists come of other States to buy merchandises to resell in its cities.

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