When to Go in Fortaleza

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Surrounded by beautiful beaches and fishing villages, and blessed with hot sunshine all year round, there's not really a bad time to visit Fortaleza. Like most cities in the northeast of Brazil, Forteleza has a hot, arid climate, and in fact sees less rainfall than many other cities in the region. While the heat can feel oppressive at any time of year, the nearby beaches will help visitors to Fortaleza feel relaxed and refreshed. While the city is gradually establishing itself as a tourist destination, it does not receive the high season influx of other northeastern cities such as Recife, Salvador and Olinda. It's usually possible to find reasonably-priced accommodation at any time of year. The one exception is Carnaval, which held over the four days of lent, usually in February.

Beating the Heat

The sun shines on Fortaleza throughout much of the year, but when it rains here, it really pours. The 'rainy season' typically lasts from January through June, and humidity can be extremely high during these months, making sightseeing rather sticky and uncomfortable. It's quite common to have hot sunny days followed by thundery storms and heavy downpours during this time of year. Don't forget your umbrella when heading out for the day! The second half of the year is drier, with rain a rarity, and sun bathers are virtually guaranteed ideal conditions for working on that tan. The beaches of the city itself are a good place to cool down, while there are some stunningly isolated sands within easy reach by bus or car.

Carnival in Fortaleza

The four days of Carnaval see Fortaleza transformed into the venue for a giant street party, with dancing, drumming and drinking across the city. Although the celebrations here are less well-known than those of Rio and Salvador, visitors flock here to join the party. Prices for accommodation soar during this time, but still compare favorably with those of Rio and Salvador, making Fortaleza a relatively affordable place to celebrate Carnaval. Don't expect to be able to turn up and find a room - it will be necessary to book in advance even for a simple dorm bed in a backpacker hostel. Make reservations as far in advance as possible, and be aware that it may be necessary to book a minimum of four nights to secure your room.

Tourism in Fortaleza

Fortaleza has two tourist high seasons - the Brazilian summer of December through February, and the North American/European summer of June through August. Although prices rise at these times of year, it is usually still possible to find reasonably priced accommodation, whether you are looking for an upscale hotel or a backpacker hostel.
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