Shopping in Fortaleza

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Shopping in Fortaleza is an exciting experience. You can get everything from clothes, electronics, fashion wear and handicraft items. When you take a walk in Fortaleza, you'll be confronted with the urge to buy everything you see. The markets and the various shopping centers are where you need to start your shopping experience. The shopping malls are located near the hotels. If you are looking for a good bargain, go to the markets, as you will be able to get things cheaper there than in the malls.

Feirinha da Beira Mar

At this market you can buy various beautiful handcrafted objects made by the locals. You can find stuff like shoes, clothes, jewelry, decorations, hats and much more. The goods are not expensive, since they are sold by the people who made them. You can get some amazing bargains for under US $5 here.


Iguatemi is an upscale shopping center where you can get quality goods. Many of the major brands have their outlets here and they are very popular among the tourists. There are several restaurants offering great local food at the food court. However, you can get some good breakfast at cheaper prices at the Continente Hypermarket.


Aldeota is located in a posh area of the city. This one of the biggest shopping centers in Fortaleza, and is close to most of the hotels. There are a wide range of shops and restaurants: clothing, electronics, sports, game arenas, restaurants, theatres and others. The prices for goods here are all fixed, and you may not be able to bargain but you can be sure the stuff you get here is good quality.

Central Market

The Central Market is Fortaleza’s new modern market. The market has various restaurants, handicraft shops, a drugstore and much more. The handicraft store is a popular attraction, as the articles on display are beautiful and are not expensive. The market is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to noon.

Morro Branco Market

A visit to Fortaleza is incomplete without visiting the Morro Branco Market. This market is famous for the small bottles filled with beautiful sand designs; the color of the sand is natural and these make great gifts for friends and family back home. The bottles are not expensive, so you can plan on buying a few to take back with you.

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