Senior Travel in Fortaleza

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Fortaleza is most well-known for its beaches – the perfect place to relax for senior travelers. However, the city is also worth exploring for its rich culture and history.


If you’re not prone to sea sickness, you can take one of the boat trips to neighboring beaches, which are relatively solitary. The boat tours leave from the Beira Mar beach area. These 2-hour cruises allow you to swim in peaceful spots and are very cheap.
One of the best beaches to head to is the Canoa Quebrada, world famous for its beauty. The trip to Canoa Quebrada takes about 8 hours by road if you’re up to it. Viator Tours ( will pick you up from your hotel.

You can take a 2-hour motorized schooner or catamaran cruise along the city’s beaches. The boats depart from near the Iracema statue.

There’s also a schooner to the beautiful fishing village and beaches of Cumbuco, which departs in the morning. You are back in the city via bus by 5:00 p.m.

Rich and Diverse Culture

Fortaleza has a rich culture and strong folkloric roots stemming from the presence of white colonizers and native groups. The Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture holds exhibitions, plays and cultural performances and has some contemporary art on display. It even has a cinema and a planetarium.

In the Cearense Culture Memorial (part of the complex), you can learn about the folk history and culture of Ceará of which Fortaleza is the capital.


The Metropolitan Cathedral is a magnificent neo-Gothic structure with exquisite stained glass windows. The cathedral, designed by French architect George Mounier, took nearly 40 years to build.

Also don’t miss Mercado Central (Central Market) which will give an insight into the culture of the city. Most of the souvenirs here are hand-crafted by native people.

Tips and Warnings

Although Fortaleza is relatively safe when compared to other Brazilian cities, there are pickpockets about. A good idea is to leave your purse behind and carry your cash in small denominations and place it in different pockets. Wearing jewelry is not advisable either.

Wear the right footwear, as most streets are cobble stoned.

Don’t swim at the Praia do Futuro Beach, where the undercurrents are strong. However, a dip is okay.

Many taxi drivers and shop keepers don’t speak English. As for currency, although most places do accept US dollars, others only accept local currency.    

Avoid buying food from beach or street vendors unless you have an extra strong stomach.

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