Internet Cafes in Fortaleza

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There are a number of Fortaleza Internet Cafes that are available for everyone. This is good both for the tourist going to Fortaleza who just wants to get online for some playtime or to keep in contact with those back home. For the business person, it allows them to continue their work while still having a chance to enjoy the attractions of the city.

The rates are around R $3 to $4 per hour; if you go away from the city it can be as cheap as R $1 per hour. Whatever your situation, having Internet access makes communication or work so much less stressful, and Fortaleza provides it for you.

Internet Café’s

Evolution Video Cyber Cafe

Located right in the heart of the city means that you have easy access to this video game arcade. One of its prominent features is that they have a decent amount of computers for use on the Internet. It is a frequent stop for those that are on lunch, so you may want to try it either before or after that time.

Game Land

This popular internet café is located in the gaming store in the Lan House North Shopping Mall. It is available if you like to take a break while shopping here, but know it is filled with kids most of the time.

Pao de Acucar Supermarket

The Aviendo Abolico has on its street a 24 hour supermarket. It has free Internet access for the full 24 hours. This is going to be as good as it gets, so it pays to have Wi-Fi capability.

Real Madri Cyber Café

Real Madri is a good place to have a sandwich or a soft drink and kick back and surf the net. It is also an easy place to find since it's right downtown.

Hotels with Internet Access

Seira Praia Hotel

This 5-star hotel is popular here in Fortaleza for many reasons, but for those who are looking into Internet access, this place has it all. Adjacent to its huge business center is a modern state of the art cyber café that has all the computers and updated equipment you could ask for. Plus, all the rooms have high-speed Internet access.

Other Hotels that Can Meet Your Needs

You can also choose from other hotels like The Hotel Casa Blanca, The Arara Hotel Pousada or The Diogo Praia. Each one has excellent Internet access, both in the individual rooms and throughout the whole hotel.

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Brazilian Internet Cafe

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Avenido de Abolicão 2300, loja 2
Fortaleza, Ceara

Low key place, friendly staff, reasonable rates ($R1/10 min.).  They also provide inexpensive long-distance and great cofee.

Highly recommended.

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating: [rate it]
address:Avenido de Abolicão 2300, loja 2
price:$R1/10 minutes


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Colors printers, scanners, webcams, DVD & CD burners, digital camera multi ship reader, international & local fax, virtual world meet,Fortaleza news, turism information

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:(85) 3253-2494
address:Praça shopping, loja 5B, Praça do Ferreira, rua Major Facundo,434, Centro, CEP:60025-100 FORTALEZA CEARA BRASIL
price:3 reais/ hour
hours:9h00 to 19h00

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