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Manuel Viana

Getting to Fortaleza is easy. For example: if you come from the kitesurf village  Cumbuco. Also a tourist place know from the buggytours through the dunes! It`s easy to do it by bus and cheap. On every road you will find a onibus. With this bus you drive to caucaia only for R$1,40. in Caucaia you get out and you take the bus to Fortaleza, for also R$1,40. This drive will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes, but only costs like 1 dollar.

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Airport Pinto Martins

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photo by: Manuel Viana

Fortaleza has a modern airport, the Pinto Martins; the airport was refurbished recently, to cope with the increase in the number of tourists.

As most foreign tourists come from Europe, there are several charter flights leaving from European cities directly to Fortaleza; given that Fortaleza is one of the Brazilian cities nearest Europe, these direct flights can take as little as seven or eight hours. However, most commercial flights to Fortaleza have a stop over in the Southern cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo; these commercial flights take several hours more..

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