Getting Around in Fortaleza

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Fortaleza is located on the northeast region of Brazil and faces the Atlantic Ocean. This city is the fifth largest in Brazil and also is one of the most populated cities per square kilometer in Brazil. Giving the high population density of Fortaleza, the road traffic of this city is controlled with advanced technologies such as smart traffic light, traffic cameras and LED message boards. While driving in Fortaleza be careful with potholes because the pavement is poor in some areas.

The Fortaleza Metro

Fortaleza's railroad system is great to visit neighboring metropolitan areas such as Maracanau on the south and Caucala on the West. The city's railroad system is made of 4 lines that meet at the central station, Joao Felipe. The red line goes from Joao Felipe station in the north all the way down to Alto Alegre station in the southwest. The green line covers the northwest region, the blue line covers part of the northeast region, and the orange line covers part of the central region. While the railroad system is not that efficient for inner city commuting, it is great for traveling long distances and avoiding heavy rush hour traffic.

Riding the Bus in Fortaleza

While riding the bus in Fortaleza, it's important to take some precautions. Avoid drawing attention to yourself by not wearing jewelry, carrying expensive cameras or video cameras and showing that you have lots of bills on your purse or pocket. Also, avoid carrying large suitcases, especially during rush hour as bus drivers may not let you inside the bus because there will be no space for you and your big bags to fit.

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