Festivals in Fortaleza

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Fortaleza is rich with history such as fortresses, churches and squares. The city has modern amenities to cater to visitors attending festivals. It also has a convenient location and can easily be reached by transport. The city has many attractions and entertainment for visitors when they are not attending festival celebrations. Festivals are full of exuberant dancing, colours and singing. Many festivals have religious significance, and are influenced by traditions from indigenous Brazilians, Portuguese colonization, African slaves and Christianity. 

Lemanja Festival

Not suitable for children. This festival is held on 15 August and is located on Futuro Beach, Fortaleza. This large festival is well attended and visitors can mingle with the crowds. During Lemanja, visitors can see religious traditions of the Umbanda religion. The festival is located on the beach and begins around 12 in the afternoon. The participants come from different churches, and each church sets up its space on the beach. Music is produced from drums and a picture of the goddess is displayed. Priests attend the ceremony and dance around fires in a trance. Priests can be male or female. Going into a trance is an important part of the festival, and visitors are sometimes included in this activity. Participants stand by to catch anyone that may fall while in a trance. Drinking and sexual dancing are characteristics of the goddess' link to carnal pleasures. Wooden rafts are decorated with decadent flowers, jewelry, perfume and put in the ocean. Floats are tipped over to satisfy the goddess' carnal desires. To reach the festival you can fly to Fortaleza airport or take a bus. Buses run from the center of the city to the beach where the festival is held.

EcoVision Film Festival

This festival is a unique film festival which showcases international films that explore environmental issues from around the world. It shows the interactions between people and the environment. This promotes awareness of environmental concerns and facilitates discussions of important issues. There is a focus on sustainable development.

Festa Junina

Festa Junina derives its name from the month of June and is celebrated during this period in many regions of Brazil. The festival is held at the beginning of the rainy season, and festival goers pray to Saint John to show their gratitude for the rain. The streets are adorned and features of this celebration are clothes, dance and food. Costumes are worn and fireworks displays are held.

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