Beaches in Fortaleza

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White sands, blue skies, and clear waters - Fortaleza is a true paradise for beach lovers.  The year-round blazing sunshine makes every day a beach day, and locals and tourists alike are drawn to the palm-fringed beaches every day of the year. Not only are there some excellent beaches to be found within Fortaleza itself, but the city is surrounded by countless more - many of which are wonderfully untouched and isolated.

Urban Beaches

Like Rio de Janeiro, life in Fortaleza revolves around the city's beaches. There are several urban beaches to choose from, all of which are absolutely packed at weekends and on public holidays. Head to the city's beaches during the week, however, and you should have plenty of elbow room. A paved promenade runs the entire length of Fortaleza's city beaches, making it possible to stroll, jog, cycle or roller blade in safety while taking in the terrific views. There are beach huts to be found every few meters, selling ice cold beers, tasty plates of fish and seafood, and tangy caipirinha cocktails.

Best City Beaches

Among the best, and most popular, of Fortaleza's city beaches is Praia do Futuro, which lies less than eight kilometers from the heart of the city. The beach stretches for seven kilometers, and the waters are clean enough for swimming and water sports. Praia do Futuro is a popular spot for families, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants for hungry beach bunnies looking to recharge their batteries. Other popular city beaches are Iracema in the north of Fortaleza (the liveliest spot for restaurants and nightlife), and Praia do Muricipe, which lies some five kilometers to the east of the city centre.

Rural Beaches

While the beaches of Fortaleza are pleasant spots for swimming and sunbathing, the true picture-perfect sands lie outside the city limits. Fortaleza lies on the Ceara coast, surrounded by over 650 kilometers of white sand, palm-fringed beaches, washed by clear warm waters. The coast is dotted with little towns and villages where traditional fishing boats bob on the waters, monkeys chatter overhead, and the waters are warm enough for swimming at any time of day or night. With so many spots to choose from, the hardest part can be knowing where to start. A good place to begin is Aquiraz, 40 kilometers east of Fortaleza, which has a good tourist infrastructure and scores of paradise beaches within easy reach.
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