7 Day Itinerary in Fortaleza

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Fortaleza is a vivid montage of beaches, 19th century colonial structures, swanky beach avenues, entertaining water parks and historical theaters. Here is a 7-day itinerary to make the most of your trip to this tropical Brazilian hot spot.

Day 1 - Beach Park

One of the most visited attractions in Fortaleza, Beach Park is a nice water park, created ingeniously on the coast of a cobbled beach. There are giant wave pools and bizarre water slides, along with tiny snack shops and a souvenir store. The beach is also an idyllic spot to lounge around if nothing else at the park works for visitors. Wade through truckloads of hawkers outside the park in the backdrop of a band playing peppy regional tunes.

Day 2 - Cumbuco Beach

Visit Cumbuco, a petite fisherman’s village towards the North of Fortaleza that has became a hub for the kite-surfing community, and a serene location to enjoy the coastal and primeval appeal of the region. The beaches are flanked by lagoons, sand dunes and charming old villas. There are a few heritage structures along with some small restaurants selling delicious seafood.

Day 3 - Mercado Central

Spend the day bargain shopping on the streets of Mercado, where visitors can hunt down the choicest souvenirs available in the region at unbeatable prices. The mammoth circular flea market has four levels of bikinis, t-shirts, travel gear, sarongs, shoes, hammocks, bags and a whole lot of other interesting stuff to look through.

Day 4 - Museum of Folk Art and Culture

Visit the Museum of Folk Art at the State Tourist Office. The museum boasts of a fantastic collection of artifacts and items dating back to the medieval age and late 19th century. Rummage through traditional costumes, weapons, wooden handicrafts and journals chronicling the region’s landmark events. Visit the heritage performing arts center, Theatro Jose de Alencar, on the southern end of the main square to catch live performances every evening.

Day 5 - Parque Ecologico do Coco

These large and rare city woods are a great place to enjoy a nature walking trail in the midst of the town's chaos. There aren’t any fancy lawns or botanical species to look at, just plenty of woods and lush greenery to savor a rich ecological experience.

Day 6 - City Beaches

Visit a couple of pleasant city beaches - Praia de Iracema and Meireles. Take an evening walk through the French Riviera-like Ponte Metalic, which is flanked by several shacks and sun beds. Visitors can even go surfing at Praia do Futuro.

Day 7 - Praco do Ferreria and Praca Jose de Alencer

The former is a lovely city square with scores of restaurants, small shops and a movie theater surrounded by innumerable beaches, while the latter sports abundant greenery and is a fantastic place to spend some time watching the display of talent from the street side performers.

Fortaleza is an attractive destination filled generously with tropical beaches, colonial structures, old town squares, vintage theaters, specialized museums, markets and cultural centers.

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