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If you are looking for a vacation destination ,this Fortaleza Travel Guide will provide you with some basic information of what the city has to offer you. The city is a popular place for living as well as coming here to have fun. Fortaleza is the fifth largest city in Brazil and is just filled with attractions for tourists to engage in. Resting right on the coastline has always given the city certain advantages.


Fortaleza has a distinct feature in that it is situated so the ocean current and the wind flow are assets in assisting in the tropical climate temperatures. The rainy season from January until June is made more comfortable by the cool ocean breezes, especially at night. From July until the end of the year the climate and temperature is the best you can ask for on a vacation trip in the tropical regions.


Since Fortaleza is such a tourist magnet this allows for all sorts of hotels and hostels to spring up for all levels of economic availability. From the most luxurious of hotels to the most basic of needs, you are more than able to find them.


The warm water and soft sandy beaches are favorite reasons why tourists flock here. But the events and activities here in Fortaleza are another dynamic for which this city really excels. Tourists from all over the world travel here to engage in the festivals put on by the locals. Carnival season is just spectacular because all types of acts and bands are on display throughout the streets during February. If you like historical buildings and artifacts there are many of those here, also. The Fortaleza Cathedral is an example. At night the city really becomes alive, so you will know it is really a place to party. The area known as the Drago de Mar Center of Art and Culture is filled with all types of bars and music clubs. On the weekends the nightlife goes on until the morning hours.


The main way tourists enter Fortaleza is by airplane. The city proudly sports an international airport which caters to many airlines and has all the sections devoted to the comfort of their visitors. If you need a vehicle there are rental agencies at the airport. Getting around the city is reasonably easy. Traveling by car is usually preferred but there is an urban train available. The train does have a limited range and only goes to specific areas of the city.


Fortaleza is a major fishing port and fast growing tourist destination in the northeast of Brazil.
In the centre there are a few interesting Historic buildings, including the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, which was the origin of the city (the name Fortaleza is the Portuguese for Fortress). The Mercado Central and the Cathedral are the major sights in the area.

The best beaches are east of town. The Praia de Iracema and the Praia do Futuro are good options; the former is preferred by intellectuals, bohemians and night partiers, whereas the later is preferred by swimmers and surfers. Along the Avenida Beira Mar there are a few more beaches, such as Meireles and Mucuripe; here, the walkway is wide, with plenty of space for joggers and walkers, who usually refresh themselves at one of the several kioskes and restaurants established along the way. The beaches are also the focal point of nightlife and entertainment.

Fortaleza is one of the best places for buying crafts. Lacework, embroidery, leather goods and ceramics are good buys. For good prices you should skip the tourist boutiques and try either the Mercado Central or the Feirinha Beira Mar; these two places have a large number (over 100) of stalls selling all kinds of handicraft and regional product, and competition drives prices down.


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