Things to do in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis combines sophisticated city living with laid-back beach culture, and visitors will not be short of things to do at any time of year. Principally seen as a beach destination, Florianopolis, or Floripa as it is affectionately known, is at its liveliest during the Brazilian summer, from December to February, when the temperatures and the beautiful people flock to the 40-plus beaches that dot the island's coastline. Natives of Santa Catarina state are renowned for being among the most stunning of all Brazilians, so people-watching on the beach can be an entertaining activity in itself - and that goes for both sexes! When the temperatures drop, the action switches to the city of Florianopolis itself, which offers a lively arts and cultural scene, some interesting museums and galleries, and good shopping and nightlife opportunities.

Life's a Beach

As charming as the city of Florianopolis may be, there can be no denying that the real appeal to tourists lies in the island's stunning beaches. Swimming, snorkelling and even scuba diving are all popular pursuits on the island, and those who want to keep their head above water can try their hand at any number of beach sports - from beach football (or soccer, depending on your nationality!) and volleyball to frescobol, a beach bat and ball game popular across Brazil. Fitness fanatics can take advantage of free workout stations at some of the larger beaches, such as Praia dos Ingleses, while those who just want to relax will find plenty of laid back beach bars and cafes serving icy cold beers and caipirinha cocktails, alongside plates of wonderfully fresh fish.

While things can get a little crowded in January and February, visitors will find lots more elbow room on the beaches of Florianopolis during March and April, when temperatures are generally still warm enough to allow for sunbathing and swimming. Anybody heading to Florianopolis for a beach break  during June and July is likely to be very disappointed - temperatures get very chilly and the beaches are virtually deserted.

City Living

The city of Florianopolis has plenty to offer the visitor. Here you will find pleasant tree-lined squares, galleries, lively public markets and a good drinking and dining scene. Visitors should make a point of visiting the Cathedral and the Museu Historico, both of which are located on Praca 15 de Novembro, a pleasant square that is worth a visit in itself. The Beiramar Shopping Center, at Avenida Beira Mar, is a modern shopping mall complete with cinemas, bars and restaurants, while bargains can be picked up at the Mercado Publico - the vast public market.

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Brazil Trails Eco and Sports Vacation

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Brazil Trails offers beach and adventure holidays in Florianopolis, the island paradise off the southern coast renowned for its vibrant culture, subtropical climate, beautiful beaches, and great nightlife.

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