Nightlife and Entertainment in Florianopolis

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Buzzing, Cosmopolitan City

A state capital with one foot on the mainland and one foot on the Ilha da Santa Catarina, Florianopolis is a buzzing, modern city offering a nightlife and entertainment program to suit all tastes, ages, and budgets. The city of Florianopolis itself is the best place to find arts and highbrow entertainment, while, especially during the summer months, the beach resorts that dot the island are great to find laid-back, youthful crowds.

During the high summer months of December and January, the streets are alive with the sound of the Boi-de-Mamao, a traditional, folklorical dance that involves colorful puppets and a great deal of movement.


While Florianopolis lacks the obvious dangers of cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, it still pays to be cautious. Take cabs at night, and avoid unlit and/or deserted streets after dark.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Downtown Floripa

Floripa, as it is affectionately known, slips into party mode after 5pm, when local workers gather at the city’s many downtown bars and cafes to indulge in ‘happy hour’ drinks. The large public market, Mercado Publico, throngs with people in the evenings, when many of the stalls and cafes are transformed into bars. There are clubs and bars that open late into the night, particularly at weekends, playing everything from rock to samba. There’s live music each Saturday morning by the city’s central bus station, and there are also multi-screen cinemas to be found in downtown Floripa, many of which show English-language films with Portuguese subtitles. Downtown Florianopolis is also the place to catch theater and classical music performances at the city’s handful of cultural centers and live music venues.

The Beaches of Santa Catarina

During the summer months, the beaches that stud the coast of the island become the focal point for nightlife activity. The northern point of the Ilha da Santa Catarina is home to a vast array of nightlife options; from simple beach kiosks to all-night raves. Lagao da Conceicao is a good spot to head for, as it offers some spectacular sea views from the bars and clubs that set up shop close to the sands each summer. One excellent bet for an early evening drink and bite to eat is Drakkar, in Lagao village. Live music can be heard from 6pm to around 10pm most nights.

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