Internet Cafes in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis has no shortage of outstanding internet cafes with fast connections, plenty of computers, printers and fax machines. Your best bet is to write down the address of the place you want to go in Floripa (the nickname given by locals) and ask a local how to get there – by foot or cab.

Tenete Silveira

Located at 111 Loja 003, the most widely frequented internet café in all of Floripa is Tenete Silveira which features fast connection, short waiting times, wireless, and print and fax services. You can also grab a coke or water and drink at your computer station.


Quatrun is located at Rua Alvaro de Carvalho and features over 2 dozen computers with 17-inch monitors and Pentium 41.6 gigahertz processers. These computers are outfitted with Skype, ICQ and Yahoo phone chat, and visitors can burn DVDs or CDs, and print and fax. Even better, these computers feature some of the hottest online games, such as Battlefield 2 and Sims. Wireless internet service is provided for those who come with their own laptops. Prices are dirt cheap. Quatrun opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at midnight. This cafe is a favorite with the business travelers.

Torres Da Cachoeira Hotel

Your best bet is to visit some of the upscale hotels in downtown Floripa and inquire about using their internet. Most places will give you a fair rate, although expect the prices to be a little higher than the internet cafes listed above. Torres Da Cachoeria Hotel, 3991 Avenue Boiteux Piazza, provides computers and wireless for travelers and walk-in guests. You can also get a fruity drink at the bar while waiting for your email to upload!

Turbo Floripa Wireless

Can’t find an open internet café? Have your laptop with you? Turbo Floripa, at Bondage Palm Native, 220, Lagoa de Conceicao, comes to the rescue. Since 2007 Turbo Floripa has turned the island into a wireless hotspot. Take you laptop and walk to the city center, the park, or one of the island’s many upscale looking hotels. Sit outside, turn on your connection, and viola! More likely than not, you’ll recive a signal for Turbo Floripa Wireless.

Internet on the Floripa Beaches

If you’re on the beach or one of the many islands, and have the sudden urge to email your sweetheart back at home, no fear. Floripa’s beaches have over a dozen internet stands scattered along the coast. Lagoa da Conceição Hotel, Nexus Surf, and Brazil Surf Hotel are just a few hotels on the islands featuring wireless internet access and computers.

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quatrun acesso turbo

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14 pcs 1.0 ghz 128 ram hd 20gb, DVD,Fax, coffee, tv cable,
webcam, scaner, printer

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating: [rate it]
price:R$ 3,00 /hora
hours:segunda a sexta das 9:00 ?s 22:00 e sabado das 9:00 as 13:00
address:tenete silveira 111 loja 003, florianopolis, santa catarina, 88010-301, brasil

Florianpolis internet space

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cyber cafe com 25 pc  p4 1.6 & p4 2.6 monitor 17", link 1.5 mbps dvd RW, cd, fax print laserjet 2550 color, and print PB, disquetes, web can, skype, mirc , icq, scoop, orkut, in downtow florianopolis, lanhouse have al games battlefield 2, counter strike souce, gunbound, tibia, ragnarok  

type:Internet Cafe
World66 rating:[rate it]
address:rua Alvaro de carvalho 190 1º
price:R$ 3,00/h
hours:since 08:30 at 22:30 al day open
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