History in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis is famous for its beautiful people who are light-haired, light-skinned descendants of large-scale German and Northern European immigration to the state of Santa Catarina during the 20th Century. Florianopolis itself lies more or less at the mid-point of the Santa Catarina coast, and the city was established in 1726 as the point of entry for boats arriving in the state. Today the city is the capital of Santa Catarina state and has seen tourism flourish in recent years, with the population swelling dramatically during the summer months when tourists from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and farther afield flock here to make the most of the beaches.

Indigenous Tribes

Prior to colonization, Florianopolis was inhabited by indigenous peoples, mainly the Tupi Indians, and their tools and other artifacts can be seen at the Museu de Antropologia, located on the campus of Trindade University in central Florianopolis. Entrance is free to the museum, which is open from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Florianopolis flourished after colonization because of its key location on the southern coast of Brazil, making it an important trade hub. Many impressive colonial mansions can be seen in the city center and the Museu Historico, at Praca 15, is a delightfully lavish baroque building dedicated to the history of the city and its surrounding area. Praca 15 is also home to the city's 18th century Cathedral, an imposing building built on the very site that saw the city's first chapel erected by the city's founder, Francisco Dias Velho. The Square itself is named in honor of the Brazilian Independence Day, and the 17th Century Forte Santana, beneath the bridge that connects Ilha da Santa Catarina with the mainland, houses a military museum that showcases arms and other artifacts from the various battles for power that were fought here during the city's early days.

Historic Market

As well as a lively spot for browsing and bargain hunting, the vast Mercado Publico in downtown Florianopolis is a key sight for anyone with an interest in history. At over 100 years old, it sits in the port that was erected in the city in the 19th Century to increase the ease of trade between the city and other Brazilian and international destinations.

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